Biomass plant in Wales (UK)

PBS ENERGO, a.s., a company with a long tradition in manufacturing steam and gas expansion turbines has signed a 500 mn. CZK contract for a delivery of a biomass power plant close to Wrexham in Wales (UK). Together with its affiliated company První brněnská strojírna, a.s., it is now ahead of a complex turn-key delivery.
It is already the second project for PBS ENERGO, a.s. in Britain, in the past two years. The first project, a steam condensing turbine in Goole, is already operational and generating power from process waste heat in the local glassworks.
After První brněnská strojírna, a.s., a traditional boiler manufacturer, had rejoint the PBS GROUP, a.s., both companies commenced conjunct marketing and business activities with the aim of consolidation of their product range. These endeavors have met with success.
“We knew that we had to convince both the Client and Investor of our capabilities by giving them insight into our numerous references in the area of boiler and turbine production. Part of it was also to prove our ability to cope with the requirement on compliance with the British standards and regulations. The persuasive factor were probably our boiler references in Germany where identical contaminated wooden waste is used as feedstock”, Karel Jelínek, the MD of PBSE, comments on the decisive part of the success.
The concept of the biomass plant is based on a steam condensing turbine coupled with a power generator of 5.4 MWe output, with steam extraction that provides thermal power used for drying of wood. The total annual production of the power unit is 34 GWh of green energy, and it will also contribute to CO2 reduction by 6,000 metric tons a year. The plant will create 15 permanent jobs.