PBS ENERGO, a.s. is an important company operating within the power engineering sector and supplying its products throughout the world.  Our primary focus is on steam back-pressure turbines, steam condensing turbines, gas expansion turbines, delivery of turbo-sets and associated operation and construction complexes. We provide not only comprehensive projecting, design, manufacturing and assembly of turbo-sets, but also construction of complete technology and power units, including financing of the entire project, to our customers. We also offer a wide variety of heat transmission equipment, such as heat exchangers and steam condensers, not only integrated in operation complexes but also as separate units. Our services of course include comprehensive long-term technical assistance of the turbo-sets.

Our customers appreciate the high technical level, constant quality and reliability of our products.

PBS ENERGO, a.s. is the direct successor and owner of know-how, with a more than 200-year tradition of top-quality industrial production under the PBS brand. The first turbine according to our own design was manufactured by our company as early as 1906. We are a member of the prestigious multinational PBS GROUP, a.s.

Main supplied products and provided services:

  • Steam turbines
  • Gas expansion turbines
  • Power turbines
  • General deliveries
  • Bio power plants and heating units
  • Heat exchangers, condensers
  • Spare parts
  • Turbine service activities
  • Welding and Soldering

Managing Director's Introduction

Our long tradition commits us to develop innovative products and meet the increasing requirements of our customers. Thanks to our investments in research and development we offer new, cost-saving and more efficient solutions for the power engineering sector and in recent years also for the petrochemical industry. Our commitment means improving manufacturing processes, efficient utilization of all resources and reduction of negative environmental impact. Our team of experienced and highly qualified specialists is prepared to solve the various requirements put forward by our customers worldwide, from partial orders up to delivery of complex and fully functioning power units.

Our goals:

  • Continuing to be a reliable and favourite supplier of turbines and associated supplies and technical service provider
  • Extending and strengthening our position in the world market
  • Developing our manufacturing programme and supplying new and more efficient solutions for the power engineering and petrochemical industries
  • Developing our 200-year tradition of high-quality industrial and machinery products under the PBS trade mark